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I know some of you are thinking... kind of full of yourself, buddy. Well let me point to my record and better yet, click on the reviews of just some of my past clients. Then you can make your decision if there is any validity to the claim :)

Seen on NBC, FOX-TV, and the Bob and Tom Show, plus written the Frank Caliendo NFL Comedy sketches for 13 seasons.


Scott's Latest Comedy Special...Fly Over Comedy has OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS on Amazon Prime and online! 

Host of the creatively titled Scott Long Interview Show on ISC Sports Network. Co-host for 2 years of the Football pregame show All Indiana Bets.

Voted BEST Comedian of 6 of the past 7 years on the largest entertainment booking agency in the US!

Comedy CD Good Dad, Not a Great Dad has gotten rave reviews and has been heard on Satellite Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes.

Done shows for Fortune 500 companies and the Not So Fortunate Rest of US :)

Tons of top reviews by different media sources. Here is one from the Indianapolis Star:

"Scott Long tosses out sharp and clever lines that remind you of the

differences between funny people and true comedic artists." –Indy Star

What I’m proudest to say is I’ve accomplished these things during my comedy career-while always living in the Middle of the If you want to hire some LA comic who talks about earthquake and traffic jams or a NYC comedian who discusses subway rides and how their 1 bedroom apartment costs $3000 a month, be my guest. I’m not your comedian.

BUT if you want to hire someone who knows what it’s like to grow up in a small-town, move to some Midwest cities after college, only to wind up in a suburb – Then fill out the contact form below. 

Holiday Parties, Fundraisers, Community Events, Roasts, Birthday Parties, Proms…you name it, I’ve done it. I pride myself on my versatility. I succeed at all events I’m hired at because of my preparation and the 29 years of experience I have–PLUS I’m known for my top-rate improvisational skills, which makes each show I do unique. I feel like I’m part of a comedy troupe and your audience members are the co-stars!

I’m confident that you cannot find a comedian with a better mix of TV credits, 5-star reviews, and the ability to connect to a Middle of the country audience. When you add these things to the fact that my prices are very competitive...and I know I offer a great value!

Ultimately though, to back up my lofty claim of Top Corporate Comedian in Fly Over Country, I point to my clients roster. Check out the reviews. From Fortune 500 companies like State Farm, John Deere, and GE to family celebrations, my clients quotes tell the story of what I bring to each performance better than I could ever do.

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